Other Worlds, Related Work

Looks Very Tidy
John Bruneau & James Morgan

Looks Very TidyLooks Very Tidy originates in the 3D virtual engine of Second Life. Vacuum cleaners were created in the environment and rendered into real space with a 3D printer. Vacuuming is a fundamentally mundane process that relies on the nature of terrestrial reality (dirt & dust). When transposed into a game world it takes on an absurd quality and the drudgery becomes purely performative. Furthermore since the vacuum cleaner if functionally useless it becomes an object of pure fetish or "sculpture."

Learn to Play
John Bruneau & James Morgan @ The Euphrat Museum of Art

Learn to Play Learn to Play is a game-art exhibition at the Euphrat Museum of Art. It opened as part of the 01SJ Biennial: Build Your Own World. Learn to Play presents a selection of poetic, artistic, and artful games that embody the qualities of human existence, focusing on the experience of playing and learning to play. The characteristics of these games echo human nature, teaching us who and what we are, or can be. As conduits for bridging or separating cultures, games can be used to bring communities together for improvement of economic and social conditions, or to exploit communities through political maneuvering. The games chosen range from personal growth to those used for socially conscious purposes. Of particular interest are game situations that allow people to enter into a life driven by their choice and conscience.

Border Patrol
Second Front @ Ars Virtua

Border Patrol Border Patrol is a performance piece which was enacted inside the virtual world of Second Life. Second Front was invited to do a performance as part of JC Fremont's opening 'Imaging Place' at Ars Virtua. We divided it into three acts, which included an introduction using tanks and helicopters as headpieces, a game of Red Rover with virtual barricades and a finale of firebombing the gallery and using mega-prims to knock the audience out of the space.

Liz Solo

Odyssey Odyssey is a contemporary art and performance simulator in the online world of Second Life. The Odyssey simulator hosts projects by individual artists and organizations and provides resources, studio and exhibition space, technical assistance and more to support artists working in virtual places. Liz Solo works in tandem with Yael Gilks/Fau Ferdinand to manage the Odyssey simulator and to program ongoing performance art events and gallery installations. She regularly presents her own performance and installation work from her open studio on Odyssey.

Mixed Realities
Ars Virtua with Turbulence.org

Mixed Realities Mixed Realities is an exhibition and symposium that explores the convergence - through cyberspace - of real and synthetic places made possible by computers and networks. Mixed Realities links and overlays the Huret & Spector Gallery (Boston), Turbulence.org, and Ars Virtua (Second Life). The works collectively combine sensor, video, sound, streaming, webcam, projection, processing, world wide web, and 3-D technologies to produce immersive, interactive and participatory performances and installations. They allow audiences who are distributed across multiple physical and virtual spaces to communicate with one another and share experiences in real time.

Virtual Connection Exhibition
Mez Breeze

Virtual Connection Virtual Connection brings together eleven artists that work in varied media but maintain a common theme: virtual worlds being used as interpersonal relationship augmentation. We are currently on the cusp of our worldview becoming more thoroughly mediated by virtual and augmented environments. The artists brought together here foreshadow the changing human experience of environment, culture and vision as well as anticipate the virtual exodus through their unique style and technique.

Augmentology 1[L ]0[L ]1
Mez Breeze

Augmentology 1[L]0[L]1 _Augmentology 1[L]0[L]1_ explores concepts that shape and are shaped by an extensive range of synthetic encounters. The aim of this project is to construct new methods of examining contemporary technologies [involving networked/synthetic/game-oriented/augmented reality environments]. Each entry is constructed to reflect how participants absorb information within attention economies and synthetic environments. The entries are designed to function within a system dependent on embedded information streams.

Not a Hero (in the traditional sense)
John Bruneau

Dave says Hi Not a Hero (in the traditional sense) is an experiment in roleplaying. Dave, is the character I become. Dave embodies the fantasy of the banal. He lives in a world of paperwork and office politics not demon slaying and magic. Dave is the fantasy character's fantasy. He doesn't have to worry about warring factions or situations of life or death. Like many Americans, his life is simple and his big problems are trivial in the grand scheme of things. Dave isn't unaware of the violence and war going on in the world in which he lives, it simply doesn't directly affect him. To Dave the undead are mythical but deadlines are all to real.