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In the vast history of Azeroth the idea of non-factional idealism is not unheard of. However it has been often more extreme. For to have a voice of dissent one had to go great lengths just to rise above the din of war and constant suffering.

For example there was an extreme group of martyrs that were considered heretics to both factions and were marginalized on both sides. This small cult-like sect that originated from the Cenarions of Moonglade are comprised almost exclusively of young druids. Known as the 'Tranz-herd' they pledged an oath of obedience to only comply to strategies of non-factionalism.

Surprisingly this organization of heretics actually started within the Taurens, which are often characterized as a compliant, docile race. At the time their ideas started to spread far and wide and even included some followers under the Alliance flag. Their strategies were often to take the role of the martyr, to spread their message that factions like Horde vs Alliance were counter productive and antiquated. And that violence and bloodshed only leads to further suffering and strife.

They were often found doing simple things; like helping those who are injured or in need of food. But they are most well known for their acts of defiance in the face of certain peril. There non-factional political actions are that of legend, often designed to change the dynamics of a battle and try to shed some light on the plight of others.

Its was quite a site to behold, wave after wave of druids from both Tauren and night elf origin, would just run up to the opposing faction without weapons drawn and without flinching. They would seek the weakest of the troops and would dare them to kill them. It was so eerie that even the blood thirstiest of soldiers started to pause on the need of such carnage. The slaughter that happened that day was just horrible, and many of us could not bare the sight of seeing another die in such a senseless act. To this day it still gives me nightmares.

The Tail of Tranz-Herd

Voice Cast: Ali Sajjadi & Jenene Castle
At the time, I was just a kid working as porter, during a battle on the south border of Ashenvale, now known as WarSong gulch. I have heard accounts of the some of them that were so powerful, they could bring a battle to a stand still, keeping all from killing or being killed. They would create these things called healing circles they would stand in a circle and heal everyone. No one would die. They would create these stand offs and make both sides have to wait it out. I know it frustrated the the ba-Jesus out of the generals. Both sides would get so frustrated and bored, they would just go home, no one was going to conquer anyone that day.
- Warsong Gulch War Veteran
To this today, this group is still shrouded in mystery , and no one knows who their leaders actually were. In the large scheme of things its hard to know what their lasting effect has done, But one thing is certain, through their tales of amazing bravery, sacrifice and caring of others, they have inspired others like slash hug to continue the struggle to change Azeroth for the better.